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Robokids Parents Are Involved & Happy

Parents are pleased with the Robokids curriculum because our staff keeps them informed and involved too. Presentations, exhibitions and competitions give parents opportunities to see the results of our learning-by-creating methods. In addition, you can see how much students enjoy the activities at Robokids and the positive effects on not only their interest in math and science, but also their language and social skills.

Our staff members in Richmond and Coquitlam are very proud of our testimonials from parents – and grandparents too.
Favourite Program
This is his favourite program of all.
Maggie, mother of an 11-year-old

Growth & Enjoyment
He thoroughly enjoyed the classes, and the growth in his communications skills has greatly improved.
Joan, grandmother of an 8-year-old
Improved Math Scores
I didn't believe he's got [an] A in math this term. Thanks.
April, mother of a 9-year-old

Happy Son & Dad
He really enjoys working on the projects from the club. I am happy for him.
Dexter, father of a 12-year-old
Robotics Schedule
Wednesday: 3 – 4 PM | 4 – 5 PM | 5 – 6 PM
Friday: 3 – 4 PM | 4 – 5 PM | 5 – 6 PM
Saturday: 10 – 11 AM | 11 – 12 PM | 1 – 2 PM | 2 – 3 PM | 3 – 4 PM | 4 – 5 PM

Math Schedule
Tuesday: 3 – 4 PM | 4 – 5 PM | 5 – 6 PM | 6 – 7 PM
Thursday: 3 – 4 PM | 4 – 5 PM | 5 – 6 PM | 6 – 7 PM

FAQ for Parents

Parents of current and prospective students have important questions about Robokids because they care about their children’s education and development. Find out more about Robokids, our staff and programs. Read our parents’ FAQ, or book a visit to our Richmond or Coquitlam learning centre.

Are parents allowed to observe?

Parents may join us in the class with an arrangement to meet the insurance requirement. Parents are particularly welcome near the pickup time since the students LOVE to show off their working robots to parents and siblings. Please be informed that taking photos or videos is not allowed in the classroom.

Can we take presentation videos home?

You can take home 2 videos from each level for free. We also offer a DVD containing a montage of presentation videos and pictures for a small premium.

What are the benefits of learning at Robokids?

Students are actively involved in their own learning processes so that they can develop their interests in math and science while strengthening problem-solving skills. Additionally, they improve their creativity, presentation and social skills, as we make sure that peer-to-peer interaction is a fundamental part of each class.

What are the differences between Robokids and other learning centres?

We have personalized curricula for each student to fit their changing needs, from ages 4-14 and from beginners to experts. Our programs are student-led and customized for each individual student. We make sure that there is excellent communication between parents, students and teachers so that children can get the most out of our courses for their futures.

Is Robokids only for kids who are interested in technology and science?

The goal of Robokids is to provide lifelong success for all children. Our programs give children valuable experience in working with others and performing work they value, which is very helpful for their future careers and lives, no matter their interests.

Does a child need robotics experience to enroll in a Robokids program?

No previous robotics experience is required for the program; however, we encourage all parents to bring your children to have a free trial before you enroll them in the program.

What language do children use to program their robots?

Students of different skill levels use different programming languages. In general, ages 4-6 use LOGO, 6-8 use WeDo, and 9-12 use NXT-G. These languages are all icon-based drag-and-drop and easy to learn. After students join Roboclub, they can use more advanced languages, such as Python™ or ROBOTC.

Does my child need to read and speak English to participate?

Yes. Reading and speaking English is required for most Robokids program.

Will my daughter like robotics?

Both girls and boys enjoy robotics. Though there are more boys in each class, we notice that the program is equally enjoyable for boys and girls.

How are Robokids lessons structured?

Every class consists of three segments: building, programming and presentation. In the building stage, students build the physical part of their robot. In the programming stage, they program their robot to finish challenging missions. Finally, they present their creation to classmates and parents for an all-around learning experience.

Will my child need to sit still and pay attention for the whole time?

No! Robokids programs are for children who like to create and build. Teaching is done quickly as the student makes and programs the robots. Students are free to move around for parts and programming and testing their robots.

How is the complete Robokids curriculum structured?

RoboWee is for kids from 3-4, and RoboBee is for kids 4-6. Robokids is designed for ages 6-12 and has 8 levels. Roboclub is meant for older kids who want to continue learning.

Who will teach the robotics programs?

Each centre has its own teachers that are trained and certified by Robokids Canada. Teachers are all in their senior year of university with majors in science or engineering. Most of them have many years of experience working with children, and are all passionate and knowledgeable.

My son is in grade 4. At which level should he start?

Our program is designed in parallel with school curricula, so he should enroll in the same level as the grade he is in.

My child has attended robotics camps. Can he enroll in an advanced level?

We are glad to hear that your child is keen on robotics. Robokids is a one-of-its-kind program that provides systematic training to school-age students, which has different goals and approaches from most other camp providers. Please bring your child to have a free assessment before enrolling in the program.

What are the differences between the levels?

Each level will use age-appropriate robotics sets such as LEGO®, K’NEX® or VEX®. Some levels focus on building while others will teach more advanced programming and use of sensors.

How long does it take to complete one level?

Each level is usually a 3-month course that ends with an assessment, which allows us to determine the best level for students to enroll in next.

What happens if my child misses a class?

There are no make-up classes. The teacher will encourage the student to complete extra work to cover what was missed. The assessment will always be on the last class, and will not be affected by the number of classes missed. However, if your child misses more than 3 classes, then the level will have to be retaken.

What if my child decides he doesn’t like robotics after the first class?

Please be aware that tuition is not refundable for any reason. If the class is too challenging or too easy for your child, we will try to reschedule in a suitable level for your child.

Do the students need to bring their own robotics or LEGO®? Does my child get to take home a robotics set at the end of class?

We provide them for use, but you cannot take home permanently. Robokids does have our Rent-A-Bot program, starting at $1 a day to take a robot home temporarily.

Robotics sets are expensive and require extra software. If your child loves robotics, you can buy one of these sets for them online. For example, the LEGO® WeDo sets are about $150 each and the software is extra. The Mindstorms® NXT sets are about $400 and also require extra software.

Can we buy sets ourselves to learn at home?

Although this is possible, keep in mind several ideas while making this decision. Firstly, the sets are very expensive since you will need different sets as your child grows and learns. Secondly, there are curricula available for purchase, but they are not systematic with plans for continuous study. Alternatively, we provide the Rent-A-Bot program starting $1 a day to study at home.